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Missy & Lori talk Pickleball & life stuff that pisses you off!

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Friday Nov 04, 2022

Our resident champ Cristie Sharpsteen gives the secrets of moving up into a higher skill group (you know the ones that drink wine while they are on the court).
Lori battles the talking gas pump….your pissed emails…weird wedding traditions around the world…hitting the bullseye on a six inch camper poddy and Missy’s Dating Debacles goes from Jekyll to Hyde in a hurry. Don’t listen alone!

Friday Oct 21, 2022

It’s the lightly spooky version of Pissed & Pickled for your Halloween season enjoyment.  
Why did Lori force her kids into boxes?  Missy gets a hard kiss!  There’s a flood of response in the Pissed Mailbag and find out who was pelting Trick or Treaters with rotten tomatoes. Our resident pro Christie says "start talkin".  Don’t listen in the dark unless it’s a dark kon tiki bar with umbrellas in the drinks.  Now behave yourself!

Friday Oct 07, 2022

Uncut and freeform...Missy and Lori chat with the Season 3 show sponsors about their incredible line of Pickleball wear. 

Friday Oct 07, 2022

It’s Guests Galore as we paddle into this episode.  First off, the premiere of Tips Up with pro-pickler Christie then our season sponsor the Kinzser boys get their moment in the pod-light.
And what the heck?  New York picklers are having to fight for the right to pickle on the streets of the Big Apple.  Opponents are calling them Lantern Flies. (look it up).  We’ll hook up with Lydia from NYC to shine the light on it.  Oh, the ladies learn how to get thrown out of a football suite and Missy’s dating debacle puts her in the pulpit.  It’s your serve!

Friday Sep 23, 2022

Welcome to Season 3 of Pissed and Pickled and welcome to our exclusive show sponsor Kinzser. Check them out at kinzser.com for all your pickleball goodies.  In this episode pro player Christy joins us to explain “poaching” and why it’s a good thing.  Lori and Missy remember the nightmares of family reunions.  Plus….kitty litter boxes in schools?  The ladies sift into the truth and discuss kids as animals in the classroom.  We’ll wrap up with Missy’s dating debacle that won’t disappoint (however the date does). AND don’t go away after the show for something special!

Friday Sep 09, 2022

It’s an energetic finale to PP Season 2 as we sit down with two guys who share the success of one of your favorite pickleball bastions….Chicken and Pickle.   Are they coming to your town?  Does anything piss these guys off about you?  Plus Lori introduces us to the Hoochie Hut!  Come on in for FUN!

S2-Ep7 No Breakfast, No Joy!

Friday Aug 26, 2022

Friday Aug 26, 2022

Is that Blake Shelton hiding in the corner or just one of his and three other chair turns on The Voice!  Get in here and take a big bite out of national recording artist Casy Joy on this episode of Pissed and Pickled.  People are still linking back to her great performances on The Voice and she’s traveling all around the nation spreading her unique style of “Joy”.   Hear the ups and downs of singing your way through life and what pisses her off the most.  She’s even got a dating debacle to share.  Don’t miss it!

Friday Aug 12, 2022

Lori and Missy return for Episode 6.  Missy’s due under the knife soon and you’ll learn what the hell at C7 is.  Meanwhile “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” continues with Lori’s family trip to Florida.  Anyone need a Bunny Hug?  And Missy’s dating debacle concerns a guy too drunk to drive home and probably too drunk to pick her up to begin with.  Wait a minute…you piss on what?  Stand by to be amazed…

EXTRA-County Fair Adventure

Friday Jul 29, 2022

Friday Jul 29, 2022

S2-Ep5 Dinking & Dumbasses

Friday Jul 29, 2022

Friday Jul 29, 2022

Lori and Missy dive into Dinking in the game, serve up some "Why I'm Pissed" responses and toy with the idea of a Pickleball getaway for you!  Meet Rick. This episode's Dating Debacle guy who almost gets trapped by a geriatric gal on the hunt.  Enjoy.


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