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Missy & Lori talk Pickleball & life stuff that pisses you off!

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4 days ago

In this lively episode, Pissed and Pickled hosts from their home outside Greater Kansas City, joined by the Meaty family, including the charming Papa Meat. The group discusses various topics, from technical issues with YouTube subscriptions and hilarious 4th of July celebrations, to personal stories about fireworks, carnival memories, and anxiety-inducing dental visits. The episode also touches on the awkward yet amusing moments of going to the doctor, the importance of regular medical check-ups, and dealing with online fame and parasocial relationships. Notably, there's a heartfelt recount of a past scam experience involving a so-called 'military man.' This episode is packed with humor, candidness, and relatable experiences.
- Special Guest Appearance
- Sponsor Shoutouts
- Addressing Viewer Comments
- Fourth of July Stories
- Carnival Memories
- Dental Adventures
- A Chaotic Encounter
- Dental Anxiety and Procedures
- Fear of Medical Visits
- Proctologist Concerns
- Health Scares and YouTube Stories
- Parasocial Relationships
- Scammed in Love

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

In this episode of the Pissed and Pickled podcast, hosts Missy and Lori take on Zach and Kenny in an exciting game of pickleball. The episode begins with a sponsor shoutout to mypaddle.com and a humorous warmup. Throughout the match, the hosts explain pickleball rules, share playful banter, and exchange witty remarks with their opponents, Zach and Kenny. Despite some struggles, Missy and Lori emerge victorious, celebrating their win with a victory lap and a celebratory beer. The episode concludes with a shoutout to their sponsors and an invitation for viewers to like, comment, and subscribe.
- Introduction and Sponsor Message
- Pre-Game Warmup
- Meet the Competitors
- Pickleball Rules Explained
- Mid-Game Banter and Strategy
- Final Moments and Victory

Drunk Dives and F-Bomb Rides

Sunday Jun 23, 2024

Sunday Jun 23, 2024

Welcome to episode 62 of the Pisssed Pickled Podcast! The hosts start off by apologizing for last week’s technical hiccups, caused by a faulty hire from Hollywood Boulevard. The episode is packed with humor and stories, beginning with a hilarious account of a co-host's accident involving a swimming pool without water, and resulting in an injured wrist. Despite the mishap, they continue to play and love pickleball. They also introduce new pickleball paddles from breadandbutter.com and discuss MyPadel bands. Later, they recount their quirky adventures including encounters with strange individuals, trips to Santa Monica and San Diego, and run-ins with interesting personalities at various locations. The hosts also introduce new podcast segments like Best Dressed Pickleball Players and Oh No You Didn’t. Thanking their sponsors, Fat Tire and MyPadel, they sign off from a scorching location, promising more fun and content in future episodes.

Sunday Jun 09, 2024

They begin by joking about technical difficulties with their lighting setup, before thanking their growing subscriber base and acknowledging their sponsors, My Padle, Casual Dinker, and Fat Tire. The duo recounts a brewery tour at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, sharing humorous and chaotic moments from the trip. Their escapades continue with stories from Burbank, L.A., and a challenging pickleball tournament. They touch on frustrations with airport baggage claim security, experiences with poor restaurant service, and irritating social encounters with over-talkative old people and young, disruptive mothers. Tune in next time for more pickleball adventures and a closer look at fashion on the courts.
00:29 Shoutout to Our Amazing Subscribers
01:00 Sponsor Highlights and Collaborations
01:48 Our Exciting Brewery Tour
04:01 Travel Adventures and Mishaps
04:32 Ranting About Travel Woes
07:06 Navigating LA Traffic
09:20 Upcoming Episodes Teaser
09:26 What Pisses Us Off Lately
10:09 Target Rants and Parenting Pet Peeves
12:44 Bad Restaurant Service Experience
16:08 Server Troubles and Manager Confrontation
17:13 The Coleslaw Incident
19:06 Old People in Line
20:18 Pickleball Frustrations
21:12 Pickleball Tournament Woes
25:35 Insurance Rates and Car Trackers
27:02 Viewer Comments and Feedback
28:48 Santa Monica Trip Teaser
29:29 Travis Saves the Day
30:27 Closing Remarks and Thank Yous

Only Fans.....Mypad??

Sunday May 26, 2024

Sunday May 26, 2024

In this lively episode of Pissed and Pickled, hosts Missy and Lori visit the founders of My Padl, Richard and Sam, in Oceanside, California. The episode covers their travel adventures, including a visit to the Fat Tire facility in Colorado and shootings in LA. They discuss the My Padl sponsoring partnership, offering a detailed exploration of the product - customizable bands for pickleball paddles, aiming to prevent mix-ups on the court. The founders share insights into their product's meticulous creation process, emphasizing quality control and the option for personalization with various colors, fonts, and emojis. 
00:15 On the Road with Pissed and Pickled: Adventures and Interviews
01:01 Meet the My Paddle Founders: A Deep Dive into Personalized Pickleball Bands
04:31 The Art of My Padl Bands: Creation, Customization, and Quality Control
10:42 Fun and Games with the My Padl Team
13:14 The Horrors of Traffic and Airport Woes
14:09 Alien Encounters and Relationship Updates
17:08 Innovative Ideas and Business Ventures
17:58 Wrapping Up with Future Plans and Thanks

Sunday May 12, 2024

Pissed and Pickled: Storms, Pickleball, and Neighborly Tales
In this episode of 'Pissed and Pickled,' hosts Lori and Missy kick things off by discussing the severe storm that's currently raging outside, preventing them from playing pickleball. They share their recent experiences playing in a pickleball league, Lori's mixed doubles games with her husband, and promote MyPaddle.com's customizable paddle bands. The conversation then shifts to the National Junior Pickleball Tournament and an upcoming tournament in St. Louis they plan to attend. Most of the podcast is dedicated to discussing things that annoy them, from people obsessing over the weather to various bathroom predicaments at public restrooms and events. They also touch on the hassle of returning a dress for Lori's daughter's wedding and the awkwardness of tipping etiquette. The show wraps up with entertaining rants about neighbors, from Lori's experience living across from a kidnapper to Missy's cluttered backyard scenes, and a teaser for their next podcast location at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. The episode is peppered with humor, personal anecdotes, and playful banter between the hosts.
00:00 Welcome to Pissed and Pickled: The Funniest Pickleball Podcast
00:15 Stormy Weather and Pickleball Plans Gone Awry
00:39 Pickleball League Victories and Partner Dynamics
01:15 Sponsored Segment: Paddle Bands and Father's Day Ideas
01:58 Supporting National Junior Pickleball Tournament
02:22 Rants and Raves: What's Grinding Our Gears
05:21 The Dress Dilemma: Wedding Preparations and Store Frustrations
09:03 Public Restroom Pet Peeves and Flush Questions
11:30 The Great Pajama Hunt for the Wedding
12:28 The Sandal Saga: A Bathroom Misadventure
13:40 Improvised Solutions: The Sock Dilemma
14:34 Bathroom Etiquette and Judgments
17:26 Neighborly Woes: From Sketchy to Quirky
22:54 Wrapping Up: From Pickleball to Mother's Day Wishes

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

In this episode from Pistol Pickled People, hosts Missy and Lori discuss the divorce of Gary the Golden Bachelor, the high divorce rates, a new partnership with the Casual Dinker, and engage in spontaneous topics ranging from the US Open to the annoyances of daily life. They also play a game of 'Would You Rather' and share thoughts on random personal experiences and opinions, including their frustration with certain aspects of everyday situations. The conversation is lively, filled with humor, and touches on a variety of subjects, making it a dynamic and entertaining listen.
00:00 Welcome to the Show: Introductions and Upcoming Topics
00:15 Diving into Gary the Golden Bachelor's Divorce Drama
03:04 Speculating on the Reasons Behind the Divorce
04:49 Exploring Divorce Statistics and Same-Sex Marriage Facts
08:05 Unveiling New Partnerships and Sponsorships
11:15 Things That Piss Us Off: From Marriage to Travel Woes
12:53 Coffee Expectations and Disappointments
13:27 The Dilemma of Eggshells in Food
14:00 Would You Rather: Unpleasant Food Surprises
14:56 Home Cooking Mishaps and Misidentifications
16:39 Forgetting and Remembering: A Casual Conversation
17:47 Famous Contacts and Phone Number Bragging Rights
20:48 Rapid-Fire Would You Rather: Unrehearsed and Unpredictable
22:54 Signing Off with Pickleball Plans

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Lori and Missy from the Pissed and Pickled Podcast celebrate reaching 100,000 views on their show, express gratitude to viewers, share funny comments from fans, express their annoyance with gender reveal parties, and tease upcoming challenges and giveaways involving Mama Meat.

Sunday Mar 31, 2024

Ep. 56 - Pickleball Glory & AI Love Stories: Pissed and Pickled Unfiltered Banter
Artificial Love, Pickleball Triumphs, and Everyday Annoyances In this episode of the Pissed and Pickled Podcast, hosts Lori and Missy discuss a variety of topics, including their humorous ambition to appear on Shark Tank despite lacking an idea and a deep dive into artificial intelligence, mainly focusing on the creation of artificial companions. They share thoughts on how technology might impact relationships and society. The duo also celebrates Lori's recent pickleball tournament victory, shares their gripes about visiting the doctor and the frustration with short drivers.They hint at future episodes, including discussing wacky wrongdoers, and shout out to listeners to engage with their content. 00:00 Welcome to the Piss and Pickle Podcast! 00:39 Shoutout to Our Sponsor: My Paddle 01:43 Diving into the World of AI and Artificial Companions 08:34 Celebrating Pickleball Victories and the Sport's Community 11:09 Things That Piss Us Off: From Doctor Visits to Short Drivers 16:09 Wrapping Up with Wacky Wrongdoers and Listener Engagement

Thursday Mar 21, 2024


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