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Missy & Lori talk Pickleball & life stuff that pisses you off!

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Friday Jan 27, 2023

Missy and Lori hit the road in this episode.  It’s off to Phoenix with five girls in the Estrogen Express.  It includes a questionable rental van that gets attacked by the curb and an Airbnb right out of Graceland. Cristie gets down with the Third Shot Drop.  Missy and Lori head to Laguna Beach and then catch up with Leanne Morgan getting her new tour in shape.  Oh and Missy’s Date has had something gross in his mouth.  Dive in and join the trip.

Wednesday Jan 18, 2023

Missy and Lori sit down with Conner the head of pickleball to chat about the new soon to open facility at 91st and Metcalf.  Check out more at www.servfun.com

Friday Jan 13, 2023

Welcome to the new season of PP.  Someone in the house is taking everything she owns in her vacation suitcase, people are pissed about drive up windows, airport bathroom doors and more.  Cristie Sharpsteen gets you a new court shot.  Lori hogs the covers and Missy’s Date attempts to explode at the table.  Happy 2023!

Friday Dec 30, 2022

It’s time to party with the Pissed and Pickled New Year’s Eve Show.  Missy and Lori apologize for their singing and take a retrospective look back at some of the crazy moments in 2022. We hear some of your New Year’s Resolutions and Cristie gives some hints to make you a better Pickleball player in 2023.  Everybody relates what pisses them off at the end of the year and Missy’s Dating Debacle turns into a theft heist.   Happy New Year and thanks for listening in 2022.

Friday Dec 16, 2022

Southern delight funny lady Leanne Morgan joins Missy and Lori for a show full of everything that makes Leanne tick.  Find out her choices between Tight Pants or Tight Wads, Hemorrhoid or Hot Flash, Menopause or Menstruation. Plus Leanne stars in the I’m Pissed segment and you’ll learn why she was such a pitiful girl at University of Tennessee during this show’s Dating Debacles. This one’s really fun!

Friday Dec 02, 2022

Who orders 21 thimbles with their image on them, along with a handful of small handcuffs? It’s Lori! She's back with Missy and another foray into the minds of two women that require close supervision.  During the holiday season, they recall their favorite childhood games and a dubious strap-on for Dad.  Cristie Sharpsteen, our Pball expert, prepares you for your next tournament and I’m Pissed reveals a desperate voicemail from a woman who has a serious weirdo issue in her backyard. Oh, and in Missy's Dating Debacle you'll find more about foot fetishes than your Mom would allow you to know.   So take off your socks and dive in!

Friday Nov 18, 2022

Ever play Pickleball but not keep score?  Our resident pro Cristie Sharpsteen tells you why.  
Lori goes Amish and her favorite salad gets trash talked.  Black Friday horror stories. Crockpot headers.  Win a prize if you want to work on Thanksgiving.  What are those T-giving foods you won’t serve this year?  AND Missy’s Dating Debacle welcomes Peek-A-Boo parachute pants.
No tryptophan napping on this episode!

Friday Nov 04, 2022

Our resident champ Cristie Sharpsteen gives the secrets of moving up into a higher skill group (you know the ones that drink wine while they are on the court).
Lori battles the talking gas pump….your pissed emails…weird wedding traditions around the world…hitting the bullseye on a six inch camper poddy and Missy’s Dating Debacles goes from Jekyll to Hyde in a hurry. Don’t listen alone!

Friday Oct 21, 2022

It’s the lightly spooky version of Pissed & Pickled for your Halloween season enjoyment.  
Why did Lori force her kids into boxes?  Missy gets a hard kiss!  There’s a flood of response in the Pissed Mailbag and find out who was pelting Trick or Treaters with rotten tomatoes. Our resident pro Christie says "start talkin".  Don’t listen in the dark unless it’s a dark kon tiki bar with umbrellas in the drinks.  Now behave yourself!

Friday Oct 07, 2022

Uncut and freeform...Missy and Lori chat with the Season 3 show sponsors about their incredible line of Pickleball wear. 


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