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Sunday May 12, 2024

Pissed and Pickled: Storms, Pickleball, and Neighborly Tales
In this episode of 'Pissed and Pickled,' hosts Lori and Missy kick things off by discussing the severe storm that's currently raging outside, preventing them from playing pickleball. They share their recent experiences playing in a pickleball league, Lori's mixed doubles games with her husband, and promote MyPaddle.com's customizable paddle bands. The conversation then shifts to the National Junior Pickleball Tournament and an upcoming tournament in St. Louis they plan to attend. Most of the podcast is dedicated to discussing things that annoy them, from people obsessing over the weather to various bathroom predicaments at public restrooms and events. They also touch on the hassle of returning a dress for Lori's daughter's wedding and the awkwardness of tipping etiquette. The show wraps up with entertaining rants about neighbors, from Lori's experience living across from a kidnapper to Missy's cluttered backyard scenes, and a teaser for their next podcast location at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. The episode is peppered with humor, personal anecdotes, and playful banter between the hosts.
00:00 Welcome to Pissed and Pickled: The Funniest Pickleball Podcast
00:15 Stormy Weather and Pickleball Plans Gone Awry
00:39 Pickleball League Victories and Partner Dynamics
01:15 Sponsored Segment: Paddle Bands and Father's Day Ideas
01:58 Supporting National Junior Pickleball Tournament
02:22 Rants and Raves: What's Grinding Our Gears
05:21 The Dress Dilemma: Wedding Preparations and Store Frustrations
09:03 Public Restroom Pet Peeves and Flush Questions
11:30 The Great Pajama Hunt for the Wedding
12:28 The Sandal Saga: A Bathroom Misadventure
13:40 Improvised Solutions: The Sock Dilemma
14:34 Bathroom Etiquette and Judgments
17:26 Neighborly Woes: From Sketchy to Quirky
22:54 Wrapping Up: From Pickleball to Mother's Day Wishes

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

In this episode from Pistol Pickled People, hosts Missy and Lori discuss the divorce of Gary the Golden Bachelor, the high divorce rates, a new partnership with the Casual Dinker, and engage in spontaneous topics ranging from the US Open to the annoyances of daily life. They also play a game of 'Would You Rather' and share thoughts on random personal experiences and opinions, including their frustration with certain aspects of everyday situations. The conversation is lively, filled with humor, and touches on a variety of subjects, making it a dynamic and entertaining listen.
00:00 Welcome to the Show: Introductions and Upcoming Topics
00:15 Diving into Gary the Golden Bachelor's Divorce Drama
03:04 Speculating on the Reasons Behind the Divorce
04:49 Exploring Divorce Statistics and Same-Sex Marriage Facts
08:05 Unveiling New Partnerships and Sponsorships
11:15 Things That Piss Us Off: From Marriage to Travel Woes
12:53 Coffee Expectations and Disappointments
13:27 The Dilemma of Eggshells in Food
14:00 Would You Rather: Unpleasant Food Surprises
14:56 Home Cooking Mishaps and Misidentifications
16:39 Forgetting and Remembering: A Casual Conversation
17:47 Famous Contacts and Phone Number Bragging Rights
20:48 Rapid-Fire Would You Rather: Unrehearsed and Unpredictable
22:54 Signing Off with Pickleball Plans

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Lori and Missy from the Pissed and Pickled Podcast celebrate reaching 100,000 views on their show, express gratitude to viewers, share funny comments from fans, express their annoyance with gender reveal parties, and tease upcoming challenges and giveaways involving Mama Meat.

Sunday Mar 31, 2024

Ep. 56 - Pickleball Glory & AI Love Stories: Pissed and Pickled Unfiltered Banter
Artificial Love, Pickleball Triumphs, and Everyday Annoyances In this episode of the Pissed and Pickled Podcast, hosts Lori and Missy discuss a variety of topics, including their humorous ambition to appear on Shark Tank despite lacking an idea and a deep dive into artificial intelligence, mainly focusing on the creation of artificial companions. They share thoughts on how technology might impact relationships and society. The duo also celebrates Lori's recent pickleball tournament victory, shares their gripes about visiting the doctor and the frustration with short drivers.They hint at future episodes, including discussing wacky wrongdoers, and shout out to listeners to engage with their content. 00:00 Welcome to the Piss and Pickle Podcast! 00:39 Shoutout to Our Sponsor: My Paddle 01:43 Diving into the World of AI and Artificial Companions 08:34 Celebrating Pickleball Victories and the Sport's Community 11:09 Things That Piss Us Off: From Doctor Visits to Short Drivers 16:09 Wrapping Up with Wacky Wrongdoers and Listener Engagement

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Sunday Feb 25, 2024

Missy and Lori talk about demented moms and spice dames. 

Friday Feb 09, 2024

Cupid stops by the Pissed & Pickled studio to spread some Valentine's Day love, but we weren't going to let him off that easy! Before he headed off to his next stop, we made sure Missy filled him in on her experience being cheated on with an unexpected inanimate object. Thanks for tuning in!

Friday Jan 26, 2024

Wait out this horribly cold weather with us in our makeshift "ski lodge"! On this episode we discuss a number of things that have recently pissed us off including: potholes, snotty mustaches & Netflix judging you for being lazy among a few others. Thanks for tuning in!
00:00 - Intro
3:40 - Proper Snot Wiping Etiquette
5:20 - Is Netflix Judging You?
7:00 - Potholes
9:50 - Missy the Wrestler
11:10 - Lori's Ski Lodge Story Time
15:30 - Mypadl Valentine's Day Message
18:50 - Surprise Upcoming Segment Announcement

Friday Jan 12, 2024

We’re off on an adventure that starts at the airport.  Thanks to the helpful staff we learn about a lady wearing nothing from the waist down and a lady checking a vibrator through the TSA.  Plus shout-outs to a Tetris King, Mother Killer Gypsy Rose, and some almost drunk ladies at a pre-cruise bar stand.  It’s fun in the KCI home of the $23 burger.  Fasten your seat belts!

Friday Dec 29, 2023

Does it even exist?  The perfect hole.  Do you have it?  Do they have it? We’re setting out to find out.  Along the way we’ll grab a 2024 resolution or two and maybe get a good lube.  Let’s end the year together. (Catch the video version on our PissedandPickled YouTube Channel)


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